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Mini Curd Balls | Palakayalu

Palakayalu are small, deep-fried, crispy balls made with a rice-flour dough. These are made in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. These are a perfect tea-time snack.
Prep Time : 10 minutes
Cook Time : 15 minutes
Total Time : 25 minutes
Servings : 4 servings
Author : Soul Food Spree
Course : Snacks


  • 500 g rice flour
  • Oil for deep fry
  • 2 tbsp hot ghee
  • Handful of chilies
  • 500 ml fermented curd
  • Salt as required


  1. Into a blender, add handful of chilies, salt as required and blend it into a smooth mixture by adding water gradually.
  2. Take a bowl, add 500 g rice flour, 2 tbsp hot ghee, blended green chilli paste and mix all the ingredients well.
  3. Add 500 ml fermented curd and mix everything well until the mixture holds shape.
  4. Into a pan, add oil for deep fry.
  5. Pinch enough dough to make a 1/2″ ball. Roll the dough between your palms to shape them into a ball.
  6. Fry the palakayalu in low-medium flame until it turns golden brown. Store it in an air tight container and you can savor the dish for a long time.

Mini Curd Balls | Palakayalu Video Recipe

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