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Welcome to my Blog

Hi, I’m Akhila Maram, an engineering graduate working in an IT Company, as well as the founder of this website!

I am a travel enthusiast and a foodie at heart. My love for travel and food started since the time I was a little kid. I took my first ever trip when I was 6 months old and since then travelling was something me and my family always loved doing.

I took my first trip overseas when I was 12 years old and this experience just changed my life. It opened me up to all the various possibilities the world had to offer. There, I experienced different culture, wildlife, new food and met people from around the world.

From that moment on, I was hooked to travelling and food was something I really loved. Trying new cuisines and unique delicacies from around the world was something I looked forward to while travelling.

Getting dressed up to take the perfect picture in front these places is also something I love doing. Fashion according to me is being simple, elegant and not to forget being comfortable in what you wear.

Travelling lets you explore various heritage shopping markets across the globe and know more about each style.

As much as I love travelling and trying out different cuisines, I love capturing these perfect moments into the frame at their best. Not long ago, it was just a hobby that I liked but now it’s a part of my everyday journey to capture a memory that stays with me for life.

The other thing I love doing when I don’t travel is watching shows and movies. I started off watching movies only from my native language and then slowly switched to watching movies across all verticals. This has not only helped me learn new languages but also helped me understand the various cultures. This surely was one of the factors which contributed to my love for travel.

Recently because of the pandemic, I have developed an interest in Health and Skincare. I have researched a lot about healthy living and learnt how giving some time in taking care of your health and skin can do wonders.

The importance of healthy living and skin care can be understood by believing that it’s not an option and it has to be followed for a better lifestyle!

For all the Hodophiles, Foodies, Health Conscious Peeps and Skincare enthusiasts out there!!!

This your one stop destination for all travel reviews, trip suggestions, food trails, homemade food recipes, latest fashion trends & tips, skincare & haircare product reviews and hacks & DIY’s for a healthy living.

I will be sharing my genuine reviews and hacks that surely have made a huge difference in my life.

Stay tuned to this blog and be a part of my journey!!