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Hibiscus Leaf Powder Shampoo Mix

This is yet another game changer in my hair care routine. I have tried this super simple hack and I can’t tell you all how smooth my hair feels after trying this out.

How to use this shampoo solution:

* Add some water into bowl (For illustration I have used a glass bowl but you can use a simple mug or any bowl)
* Add 1 tsp of hibiscus leaf powder
* Add few pumps of your favourite shampoo
* Use this shampoo solution regularly to wash your hair, layer by layer and let it sit for 5 mins.
* Rinse this out, you will see a visible difference in how your hair feels after regular use.

Important Points to Note:

* Depending on you hair length you can increase the quantity of the products.
* You can use this shampoo solution once a week.

Benefits of this rinse:

* Hibiscus Leaf powder boosts collagen production ensuring healthy hair growth.
* Helps in strengthening the roots of your hair
* Nourish hair follicles and helps in keeping your hair healthy, lustrous, and strong.

Product used:

I have used home made hibiscus leaf powder. 
Note : Please patch test before using any product because what suits for me might not suit for you. Take care of your self!

Do try this shampoo solution and let me know in the comment section below about your experience.

Akhila Maram



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