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Aloe Hair Rinse

A real game changer in my hair care routine and I can’t tell you all how smooth my hair feels after trying this out.

How to use this rinse:

* Add 1 tbsp of Aloe Vera gel in a glass (For illustration I have used a glass but you can use a simple mug or any bowl)
* Add 2 glasses of water
* And mix everything well until the aloe is completely dissolved
* Pour this solution over your hair and scalp, layer by layer and let it sit for 5 mins.
* Do not rinse this out, just leave the solution on you hair and let it dry. You will see a visible difference in how your hair feels.

Important Points to Note:

* If you are using fresh Aloe Vera gel from your plant, blend it well and then use it.
* If you feel this fresh Aloe rinse is sticky, then rinse it after 5 mins.
* Depending on you hair length you can increase the quantity of the products.
* You can use this rinse once a week.

Benefits of this rinse:

* Aloe Vera removes excess oil when applied to the scalp, this helps in reducing dandruff to an extent.
* This rinse helps in reducing frizz and makes you hair silky smooth and easy to manage.

Product used:

I have used @blenditrawbeauty ‘s Aloe Vera Gel. They have the best natural products and are 100% trusted. 

Do try this rinse and let me know in the comment section below about your experiences with hair rinses.

Akhila Maram



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