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A Day Trip To Mandaragiri Hill

Mandargiri, also known as Basadi Betta, is a beautiful, round hillock, housing a number of Jain temples. In a village near Tumkur an hour away from Bangalore, there is a Mahavira statue and a stunning Guru Mandir, shaped like a fan made of peacock feathers. In this blog post, you’ll find everything you need to know to plan a trip to Mandaragiri Hill and Mydala Lake.

How to reach Mandaragiri :

Mandaragiri is around 60‑65 kilometers from Bangalore and the road conditions are pretty good till the end. It is situated in Tumkur district of Karnataka. The best way to reach there is by car or bike and the drive takes approximately 1.5‑2 hours.

Best time to visit Mandaragiri Hills :

Best time to visit is in the late afternoon or early in the morning as it gets really hot by afternoon.

Additional Points to remember :

• There are no restaurants near the hill. But you will find sugarcane juice, chats and a few snacks below the hill.
• There is a parking fee in this area but there is no entry fee.

Things to see at Mandaragiri :

Guru Mandir and Mahavira statue

As you enter the gates of the temple complex at the base of the hill, the first thing that comes into view is the Mukha mantapa. The mukha mantapa has a tall statue of Chandranatha Tirthankara which looks similar to that of Bahubali.

Next to this statue is the Pinchi‑Shaped Gurumandir, located at the base of the hill. It is a beautiful mandir, shaped in the form of peacock feathers, hence the name “Pinchi” (translates to peacock). The 81 feet tall temple spread across an area of 2400 sq feet holds the Unique World Record for being the most unique Jain structure.

Inside the temple, there is a statue of the Jain saint with the side walls depicting his life in the form of colourful 3D paintings.

Mandaragiri Hill top and Mydala Lake

A 100m walk from the guru mandir leads you to the base of the hill. Trekking on this monolith is relatively easy as it has around 460 steps that will take you to the top of the hillock.

On top of the hill, there are a few Jain temples. When we had visited the temples, they were under renovation. So we couldn’t see the temples.

Enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, the village and Mydala lake from the top of the hill.

Opposite to the rear‑end of the temple, lies the view of the picturesque Mydala Lake. You can reach the shore of Mydala lake by taking right at the base of the hill in your car or if you are interested in another adventurous rock climbing trek you can go from the back side of the hill and walk towards the lake.

So if you are in Bangalore and thinking about a day trip, go ahead and give Mandaragiri a try. I am sure you would love the place.

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