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Similar to how having a passport is essential for travelling to other countries, this travel passport will guide you through the entire planning, booking and packing process from beginning to end, while also allowing you to record all of your experiences. This particular Make In India product is unique, which makes it much more special in our eyes. We want everyone to look forward to travelling, without having to worry too much about the process.

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As a travel enthusiast, I had looked for a variety of travel diaries, schedulers, and guides to organise my trips. But I was unable to find an optimal one where I could make a complete plan, track my bookings and even journal my experiences. On one of those days, I had the inspiration to start my Travel Passport, filling it with all the information required to organise a trip, plan in a logical sequence and prevent forgetting important things or leaving them till the last minute. I’m aware that no matter how much planning you do, something unexpected will always occur once you arrive at your destination. I created this Travel Passport in such a way that even someone with no prior planning knowledge may plan their vacation efficiently and independently, preventing any issues from coming up to an extent by making sure you are well prepared with everything related to your trip. My mission is to keep the excitement of your vacation intact while ensuring that you can travel wisely with careful planning.

The following is a list of what is included in our travel passports and how it might help you keep track of your journey:
• Mark the locations you have visited and the locations you want to visit
• A page to record all of your personal information
• Make a list of all the destinations and activities on your bucket list.
• This Travel Passport contains four sections: planning, booking, packing, and journaling. Thereby, you may plan your entire vacation from beginning to end and keep track of everything without forgetting any crucial details.

• Phase 1 – Planning
-> Note down all of your research’s main elements for the upcoming trip.
-> Make a note of your projected budget, and once your vacation is over, enter the entire amount you spent. This way you will know your spending pattern and you will be able to plan your future trips even better.
-> Make a list of important factors to keep in mind while you plan for your desired destination.
-> Keep a record of your travel plans, including where you want to go, the name of the country & the location you’ll be visiting, the date you’ll be there, things to see, things to eat, the vaccinations you need to get, the restaurants you’ll be eating at, the trip contact you’ll be using to get more information, the stores you’ll be visiting, and finally your shopping list.
-> Make sure you build a vision board with all the locations you want to see there and don’t forget to write out your itinerary in detail in this section of your Travel Passport.

• Phase 2 – Booking
-> Keep a log of all your travel arrangements, including flights, accommodation, travel insurance, planned activities, any tours you’ve scheduled, transportation, and any other arrangements you wish to remember in this section of your Travel Passport.

• Phase 3 – Packing
-> Make a list of everything you need to bring, including electronics, clothing, toiletries, accessories, medications, and anything else you wish to bring with you.
-> A space to keep a checklist and a to-do list to ensure that nothing is forgotten.
-> Make a note of your playlist to keep your mood up while travelling, as well as a list of books you want to read to pass the time in this section of your Travel Passport.

• Phase 4 – Journaling
-> Describe your journey in brief and include any memories you want to save as a memory forever.
-> List your experiences, including your most and least favourite memories, trip highlights, and lessons you learned.
-> Include all of your travel photos, and then describe your experiences or the backstory to each one in this last section of your Travel Passport.

• Finally, a picture from around the world is included between each segment, as an inspiration to plan your next vacation.

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